Anonymous Submissions

Share your anonymous story of sexualized violence, domestic or intimate partner violence and child sexual abuse.

This is a safe space for survivors, it is intended to provide an outlet for sharing your story in the hopes that it helps in your healing journey and helps others feel less alone in theirs.

I give my consent to my story being shared to the Survivor Stories Project website:

- You agree to the conditions of anonymity of yourself and any perpetrators mentioned. 

- You agree that you will not copy or submit stories posted to the site with the intention of reposting elsewhere where previously anonymous details may be revealed.

- SSP requires you to submit responsibly: this is an anonymous outlet only and for legal reasons, we do not permit the naming of any involved. 

- SSP is not a substitute for legal and criminal reporting via law enforcement or Third Party Reporting in B.C.  We encourage you to contact your local detachment if you wish to file a report with police.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. We hope that you are surrounded by love and support at this time - please check out our Resources if they are needed.