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TW: Sexual Assault

I was a young mom. Struggling with being a selfish teenager, to suddenly putting my needs aside and putting my children first. Plus I was dealing with postpartum depression. My boyfriend and I would hang out quite often with his friend, his wife and their two children, so I knew them well. We also knew that they were having issues, so it wasn’t surprising when they told us they were splitting up, and he was moving out.

One weekend, he called my boyfriend and asked if I could come over to his new place and help him make it feel more homey for his kids. He liked the way I decorated my house. So we agreed and he came to pick me up.

His kids were there so I felt comfortable. After he sent them to bed, he offered me a beer, which I accepted. About a quarter of the way through the beer, I started feeling really dizzy and sick. I told him I needed to lay down. I woke up later with him inside me. At first I didn’t understand what was going on, and then I just felt sick. How could I have passed out after not even a full beer? At that time I hadn’t heard about being “roofied”.

I never told anyone because it was his(my boyfriends) best friend. And it was my fault for putting myself in that position, and for getting drunk so fast. Plus, how could I be so gullible and stupid?


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