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TW: Sexual Assault

I moved to Victoria in the middle of high school. A guy I became friends with talked his way into a relationship with me, even after I said I wasn't interested. He just told everyone we knew that we were together and because I was new and uncomfortable, I didn't know how to speak up. He kissed me, even after I said no. He kept trying to kiss me, even after I said no. I tried to tell my friends I was uncomfortable with it, but they just teased me and said "aww he's so into you" and shit like that. One day, at his house, he initiated sex but I said no. I thought that was the end but minutes later, with no warning, he put his fingers in me. It hurt, and I immediately moved away, but he had the audacity to say "Are you okay? You look so sad" after. He was so rough with my breasts that I have a permanent loss of nipple sensitivity on one side. When I ended the "relationship" a few months later, I was the bad guy. I lost all of my friends and never told anyone what happened.


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