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TW: Sexual Assault

I was 17 years old, and just starting at university. You told me you were 24. You said you were the head of the "fraternity" and invited us to parties. I was excited to go to my first university party. You fed me alcohol and claimed me as "yours" that evening. I consumed too much alcohol, and was inebriated to the point of passing out. So you took me back to my residence and told my friends you were going to put me to bed. You closed the door behind us, and lifted me into my small dorm bed. I fell asleep, unable to lift my head. Instead of leaving, I woke to you undressing me and forcing yourself on me, as I tried to lift my hand to stop you. I was all alone and it was so dark. I was 17 and terrified. But I could not move. You finished and left me. I found out later that you had lied about your age and you were 33. Once again, I was 17. You preyed upon teenage girls, and you are a coward.

I haven't forgot that night, but I'm sure you have.


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