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TW: Sexual Assault

[Location: Nanaimo]

In 2011 about a month after I turned 19, I visited some friends in Nanaimo. I arranged stay with a buddy (on the couch) that had a party house and a few roommates, whom I'd met before. One of the roommates I had previously slept with, fully consensual, about 6 months prior, but by this point I was In a relationship and clearly not interested. We were on good terms and he was even my ride to and from Nanaimo that weekend. There ended up being about 30 people altogether that showed up to celebrate my belated19th, most of whom I knew.

I ended up drinking too much, but when everyone started heading to the clubs, I went anyways. After getting to the club, I had one more drink, and that was one too many. I only remember snippets of the rest of the night. I remember being outside the club with a couple girls from the party telling my I'd been kicked out, but not to worry, they'd called a taxi. I remember one of them in the back of the cab with me, telling me to focus on the back of the headrest so as not to get sick. I remember being outside my buddy's house, then on his couch getting handed a glass of water from his roommate (the one I'd previously slept with).

The next thing I remember, I was laying on my stomach and he whispered in my ear, "I hope it's OK that I came inside you." I woke up the next morning in his room with no clothes on. I was terribly hungover and unsure of what to think. I slept most of the morning, and at some point he joined me and tried to initiate sex with me. I was too exhausted and hungover to fend him off, and he dry humped me until he came. Afterwards, I managed to tell him that none of that was to happen again and to take me home.

Due to the toxic nature of the relationship I was in at the time, it took me years to process and come to terms with what had happened. I drank too much, but that was not consent. I was raped, and he got away with it. Last I heard, he has a daughter, and I fear for her every day.


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