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TW: Sexual Assault

Location: Mainland

I had recently turned 19 and went to a popular alternative nightclub in Vancouver with “friends.” I had one beer with them before they left me there alone. I was sitting with a man who turned out to be a bouncer at the club. He offered me a drink. I stood up to get it and he said, “no, no, stay there, I’ll get it.” So he came back and I had a beer with him. Then I blacked out. I have fuzzy memories of a dark apartment, a roommate, and being sexually assaulted. Turns out he carried me into a cab and took me to his home.

When I woke up the next morning he was trying to have sex with me again, and my head was very sore from hitting the wall. I begged him to put on a condom.

After I put my clothes on and tried to get my bearings outside. I called a friend who picked me up - I felt very sick, didn’t understand what had happened and was late for work. I had never gone home with anyone from a bar and felt very ashamed. I contacted the police and they did “talk” with him but said it was a case of my word against his and everything was dropped.


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