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TW: Sexual Assault

Location: Mainland

He was one of my best friends. He was always there for me whenever I needed a friend or someone to snap me back to reality. Our lack of attraction for each other was something we talked about often, we were strictly just friends. One night we went to GLOW and he seemed different, he wanted photos, he didn’t correct people when they said we were a couple, he wouldn’t take no for an answer when he asked to come see my new place. When we got to my place I went to the bathroom and he poured us some wine. Shortly after I remember being really tired, the next thing I knew he was going down on me. I tried to get away, but my limbs were like bags of sand. I managed to get off the couch and into my bedroom, I pushed the door closed and held it shut as he tried to get in. My next memory was him on top of me and inside me. The next morning I was so unbelievably sick both emotionally and physically. I was covered in bruises, a black eye, what I think was a broken rib. I never reported it because the trauma is too much and I never felt comfortable enough opening up to friends or anyone about it. It took me at least 24-48 hours to even realize that what happened was sexual assault. I was so confused and hurt. It’s been 3 years and I am slowly more able to talk about it. It doesn’t define me it is just something that happened to me. One day when I am ready I will report it, and I will be so proud of myself when I reach that stage.


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