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TW: Sexual Assault

[Location: Victoria]

He is my cousin's best friend and I considered him family. We would all hangout together whenever my cousin was home (he lives out of the country)

The summer I moved here, I was staying at my cousin's families home while I found a place of my own and went to a party with said family friend. After the party, he said he'd walk me home instead of calling a cab. I was new to Vic so had no idea where I was or where I was going, but had no reason not to trust him so I said ok! The walk started out normally, just strolling and talking, like we normally would. Then out of nowhere he grabbed me and started kissing me. I was surprised because we had never had that kind of relationship and I'd always sorta seen him as another cousin. So I said stop and it was awkward but I laughed it off to keep from embarrassing him.

We kept walking and I remember thinking that we had been walking for a long time... Too long because the party was close to my cousin's house. I noticed we were in a darker more secluded area and when I went to ask him where we were, he suddenly turned on me and aggressively pushed me to the ground in someone's front yard. I asked what he was doing and he started trying to kiss me again. I remember trying to push him off but he's a big guy and he kept kissing me while laying on top of me. Once I realized he wasn't going to let me up, I stopped struggling and let him continue kissing me... Thinking he'll get over this soon and move on.

I was wrong. He got more frustrated and started trying to stick his hand down the front of my pants. I said no, and tried to push him away. He then pinned me down with his arm across my chest so I couldn't move. I kept saying no, stop and he shoved his hands in my pants and in my underwear. I told him that I had my period and had a tampon in and to please stop. He responded by pinning my legs open with his own legs so I couldn't move even more, and forced his fingers inside me. I told him again to stop and I had my period. He removed his fingers and hand from my pants, looked me right in the eyes and sniffed his fingers. I was terrified, mortified and embarrassed.... Thankfully some people were walking by and stopped across the street. They yelled something at us and he finally got up. I still had no idea where I was and was scared of what he might do to me if I tried to run or yell so just kept walking. He didn't say anything to me the whole way home. We never saw or spoke to each other again after that until one of my other cousins got married...

I told my cousin about it and his response was "yeah he has issues and gets really fucked up when he drinks"


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