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TW: Intimate Partner Sexual Violence, Self Harm, Minors

I was in an abusive relationship for over 1 year where I would be forced to have sex with him at school during lunch hours and whenever I said no or if I refused to he would hit me and continue to do so until I would fold and let him do what he wanted to me, this would also happen if he thought I was telling someone or if he thought I was going to leave him. I wasn't aloud to leave though because if I did he would tell me he was going to kill himself and he would send me pictures of how he would do it like with his writs and razor blades for example. This would happen almost daily for over a year and I was only 13-14 years old and I am now 16. Eventually he moved away and I was able to tell the police about it but because I didn't have enough evidence for them he got off clean. Im also not the only person he has done this to and he will continue to take advantage of girls until he gets caught and I don't know why he has gotten away with it for so long but hopefully that ends soon.


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