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TW: Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

[Location: Mainland]

My first boyfriend sexually assaulted me. He was 2 years older than me and used his maturity to pressure me into doing things with him that I wasn’t comfortable doing.

I hadn’t been sexual with anyone else before. He used to always want to finger me while we watched a movie. I wasn’t interested but felt pressured to do it. He would go down on me too. I was so uncomfortable. Then he would force me to return the favour. He always wanted to have sex, I was a virgin and had no intention of losing my virginity.

One night he begged me to have sex with him, I kept saying no. He said all the girls his age have sex, I should too. His ex girlfriend would have sex with him. He would beg me, and try to force me. This night he pushed me out of his bed so frustrated and drove me home.

Except, he didn’t bring me home. He drove around the block where I lived, and told me that I would be late for my curfew if I didn’t give him oral. I was ashamed, and did it as I watched the clock quickly reach my curfew time.

Another night, a similar event occurred where he tried to force me to have sex with him. Then he threatened to make me late for my curfew. He ended up leaving me on the side of the road where I had to find my own way home.

This was 15+ years ago. There are parts of my body and sexual acts that I am still am not comfortable with because of the things he forced me to do.


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